Monday, November 7, 2011


Yesterday was a stay home day from church for the girls and I.  We are fighting off some germs and wanted to spare our friends of them.  (You are welcome)

To continue on in the minimalist journey, we cleaned out our mudroom/sunroom/entry whatever you want to call it room.  Each child has a bin with hats and mittens in it (along with snow pants and boots).  My girls...ahhh love them.  They are hat collectors.  How many hats does each child *really* need?  In my minimalist mind I say 1.  One hat.  Living in reality in this house I think 3 might be a better number because there will be hats lost, or left somewhere.  So each girl had to pick their 3 favorite hats (they each had 6!)

Some they didn't even know they had.

They have been packed away for future use.  I'm kind of doubting that we will have 3 hats for each girl in the spring.

We discovered multiple pairs of shoes that belonged to one little princess.  No wonder she can't ever find any in her room.

The screens came out of the windows (we have crank out windows on one side) to wash them, and the room brightened.  I didn't realize exactly how much sun was being kept out!

Husband cleaned out (on his own) his 'area' of 'stuff'.  I'm liking this room!  I'm anxious to PAINT it now.
            *It was at this point where I told my husband I wanted paint for Christmas.  Gallons and gallons of paint*

We were able to put away the entire clothes basket full of 'keep' items and in the process I cleaned out part of our basement 'storage' area.  I now have a giant tote of 'get rid of' items.  In order to use that tote though I unpacked a big stack of towels I had purchased for when we re-do the bathroom.  Over a year ago.  It hasn't been re-done.  But I'm not storing them any longer.  *I'd also like some paint for the bathroom!*

I woke up to happier calmer place this morning.

Today will be a break from purging and I'll just enjoy our home.  I have a goal to start mixing our Christmas cookies up and freezing the batter for later.  This will allow me to see how this works with only having limited items in our home.  This afternoon we may make a run in the kids rooms *yipes*

Or I could just be the *sneaky* mom and do it while they are at school tomorrow.  *grin* 

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