Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love at first sight

Have you ever fallen in love with someone or something the moment you laid eyes on them?  Ah....I have.  I most certainly have.  It is the love that keeps you up at night.  That makes you wonder what exactly that other person is doing.  What they are thinking.  Are they warm?  Did they have a great lunch?  Do they even know who I am?  Do they love me they way I love them?  Will they even like us? 

On December 12th we were shown a photo of two beautiful children.  Two children who have been through more than any child should EVER have to go through.  They lived through the earthquake in Haiti.  Their parents did not.  They arrived at an orphanage sometime in late March, early April from what I can piece together.  What happened between the earthquake and their arrival I simply can not imagine.

This photo was shown to us

 Are they not just so beautiful?  I love that I see smiles on their faces.  It does this mama's heart good.  Their new mama.  That's right.  We're adopting.  Not one, but two children.  Siblings.  Two beautiful children who clearly love each other.  We've seen other photo's of them since that day.  She almost always has her arms around her brother.  She is quite protective of him I'm sure.  And why wouldn't she?  She is the big sister. 

Our family prays for those children day and night.  We wonder what they are doing.  Are they have fun?  Did they pay attention in school?  Did they brush their teeth?  Do they even know who we are yet? 

This is an exciting journey we are embarking on.  We are thrilled that God has placed them in our lives ~ even if we've never wrapped our arms around them.  Yet.  We are planning what we are bringing to Haiti with us in March for them.  We will follow those children around and do all the things they want to do.  We'll snuggle and love on them.  We will hug them so tight.  Join us on our journey of Bringing Djemson and Richarmie home. 

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