Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Cards?

Shutterfly has always been our go to picture developing choice.  I despise when I have to use the store in the next town over.  The quality does not even compete!  In past years we've put together calendars for family members for Christmas gifts.  It's a simple way to give something practical, but yet at the same time personal.  Last year I spent some time organizing photos on a calendar for my mom.  One that you could place multiple pictures on.  Such a relief when grandchildren share a birthday month! 
Now is the time to send out Christmas cards and I've been working on photos with the kids.  My theory at their ages ~ if they are in the photo snap the picture!  I want REAL!  We snapped away this past Sunday and there are definitely things to work with.  Each child's personality is showing.  This Christmas' photo cards are especially important to me ~ after a brain aneurysm and SURVIVING I want to send out a photo as our card.  Our family has been through so much this year and well we want to celebrate it!
Being the frugal mom that I am, there is ALWAYS the need to find a good deal when paying for anything.  (Never pay full price!)  Shutterfly is trying to help me do just that!  I found a great promotion where I can earn 50 free Christmas cards and at Christmas when I'm trying to really be aware of how much we're spending.   We have four pictures for our Christmas card this year.... I think this one would be nice.  I can arrange the kids pictures on the right hand column.  This card would most likely give me some creativity of where I put everyone!  This one is pretty.    This card may be one of my favorites ~ simply because of what is written on it  Oh and then there is this one.  That last one may be THE ONE.  You know the one everyone opens at their mailbox.   Then they all say "AWWWW" 

What would you choose?

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Mama H said...

I like the first one!!!! But yet, they're all great! Seriously, ANY card that you choose will be FABULOUS!!!