Sunday, April 18, 2010


This week was more work on re-wiring my brain. Let me just say some days are MUCH harder than others. Friday seemed to be one of those days. My Speech Therapist gave me a test on figuring out some Math word problems. Ok for the record in school HATED them. I don't know why just not my fave. Now while I didn't get all sweaty and panic when she gave this to me, I wasn't much impressed. The first one wasn't all that hard. Adding up 3 sets of numbers. Yes, my work was 'shown' on the paper b/c there was NO way I could even attempt to do it my head! LOL! I couldn't keep subtracting 6 starting with 100 for the resident in my head! I would draw it in the air!
The next problem was multiplication...2 digits x's 2 digits. hrm no problem.

Or so I thought.

I forgot how to multiply! Um seriously NOT the short term memory but it was GONE. I sat there and thought "what do I do with this number?" (15 x .69) I thought and thought and really was coming up with nothing. Crud question 2!
At that point though for whatever reason some of the Everyday Math skills we had been taught at a parent conference came to me and I could figure out the answer. Which then in turn helped me remember how to actually multiply these 2 digit numbers. When my therapist came back to the table she looked at my paper and I told her what had happened. First she was impressed that I had not given up or gotten frustrated AND I did remember a way to figure it out. Rewiring that brain!
She then said "Don't you have a calculator on your cell phone?" AHHH! Yes! So we got it out and found it, and used it for the rest of the problems. She reminded me "Use the tools you have...this is a tool you have"

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Country Mouse said...

I would have failed miserably :) and yahoo for the calculator :)