Saturday, April 10, 2010

How life changes in an instant

I've started writing this post in my mind numerous times and honestly I don't always know where to start. For those who read this blog, but yet have no other connection with me I shouldn't statiscally speaking be here. On March 13th in the evening, home alone with 3 kids, I had a brain anuerysm. So much in fact that the nuerosurgeon, the nurses and more told my husband I would not make it thru surgery. I made it.
I would not make it thru the night. I made it.
I would not make it thru the next day. I made it.

And then I started fighting more....pulling the breathing tubes out (which they eventually just removed), sitting up and talking.

God does amazing things and for me he protected me more than I could have ever imagined. I was out of my coma by Monday...when it should have been 3+ weeks. I was walking around the hospital a week and a half later. They told my husband they'd have to teach me to write & eat with my left hand....I'm eating & writing just fine with my right hand. Just over 2 weeks later much to a very confused dr they discharged me from the hospital and now I'm home with the family. Loving on my children again and regaining strength. I still need naps during the day, but not all day. I still wake up at night....but now it's usually only at 4 am. I even helped make something yesterday and this morning for breakfast!
There are still hurdles ahead. My blood pressure is still not where it should be, so I'm working with my PCP on that. When I was discharged I was labeled legally blind. I had/have so much blood clots my eye surgeon was shocked. When he took the bandage off after my first eye surgery I cried....because I could see for the first time in weeks. And I mean read a book to my children. I have one more eye surgery to go on the opposite eye. I have three therapists working with me a 2-3 times a week to help with everything from getting my strength & stamina back (I have no upper body strength at all) to getting my confidence back in being the mommy & wife & homemaker, to trying to re-wire my short term memory that in many cases is shot.
And then of course there is the piece of bone that is no longer in my head that is frozen at the hospital and they will put it back in. (Yes that does seem weird to me)
Literally this life has changed so fast....there are so many things I can't driving, or reading, or even watching the TV! But it also cements in my heart and mind how much God has a plan for my life....something bigger and better that involves Him. Sharing Him with others that I come in contact with. The other parents in the neighborhood....the teachers at school...the drs who are so confused.
So for a while you'll have to read this as a journal as life returns to a new 'normal'....


Mama H said...

I love it...I love you...and I love your story! I can't wait to watch how God continues to use you in this life. You are a walking miracle, my friend...and I am so happy to have you in my life. :)

Anonymous said...

so GOOD to have you back C D

Country Mouse said...

ok, I was crying because you posted and now I'm crying because my DAD left YOU a comment on YOUR blog... lucky girl you :) :)

Karen said...

Laurie, I am so excited to see you excited to SEE YOU...PERIOD!! God is amazing and what he has done in your life is beyond amazing!! I just cannot express to you enough...

Judy said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm so happy that you're recovering well--you are a living miracle!! I love your strong spirit. You have been an inspiration to many over the last few weeks.
~Judy (teach6athome)