Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Laundry, laundry, every where

Lately it seems like I just can not stay up on our laundry. Try as I may it's just not happening. Truthfully though it's been that way for almost 2 years. TWO YEARS! Yes...when little Trible became part of our family little did I know that my days of staying on top of laundry and *gasp* having it ALL done (washed, dried, folded & put away) except for what we were currently wearing were over. One little person just threw it out the window. There were the days when it was just DC and I. I did laundry once a week because I felt like I *should* I mean shouldn't sit THAT long should it? And then came Lovergirl...and once week was a necessity. There was the odd week that it would have to be done twice in a week, but it was rare. When Buddy came along I was on an every 3 days cycle. But it was happening, I'd have days where I never went to the washing machine and that was good.

Now....that's not the case. There is ALWAYS a hamper full of dirty laundry. There is ALWAYS a load to be washed, or dried or folded. My kids don't change their clothes half way thru the day. Somedays one little girl wears her leotard ALL.DAY.LONG. Towels are used for a few days. I've tried all the *tricks* I've heard in order to cut back on laundry...but it's just not happening. Little Trible brought with her apparently a never ending pile of dirty clothes (she is by far the messiest toddler!)

Don't read this as a complaint. I'm blessed to have a full-size washer and dryer IN my home to use. We've lived in a house with only room for a washer (miserable six months!) and we've shared laundry. I'm thankful for little people who spill yogurt down the front of their shirts. Or the fact that my husband has the greasiest clothes I've ever seen. I have 3 great kids and a husband who works hard. I just wonder if I'll ever get lost in that growing mountain!

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Mama H said...

Same here...Laundry is never 'done''s exhausting.