Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 6

Today was day six of 'shredding' as my kids call it. They know when they get up in the morning and the exercise mat is still on the floor that I was exercising. Lovergirl will even ask "were you shredding last night?" I sure hope so!

So I skipped one night this week. Tues night I think? Mon night I fit in my workout before someone came over and grabbed my laptop to work on it for me. I really, REALLY did not want to be doing jumping jacks when he drove in our driveway. I managed to get it in...and then DC, K and I stayed up until almost midnight chatting! AH! It was great to catch up and laugh but oh my! The kids could care less that mama stayed up until midnight the night before. So Tues night I was wiped. Last night though I pushed myself to make sure I got in a great work out. It was painfully obvious that happened as today I could barely get up and down the stairs. Oh my aching thighs! LOL! Not to mention the 24 lb toddler I was carrying around!
Tonight I went a *little* easier on myself and didn't get parallel to the ground on certain exercises. Frankly because I have to work tomorrow and I'd like to be able to get up the stairs at church!

Now in the past I'd view the one night I skipped as failure and think I'd need to start all over again. And then I'd skip the rest of the week because really who starts something on a Wednesday? Ah that is behind me. Every day is a new day and I can just pick up where I left off. One night out of six is actually really good!

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