Friday, October 23, 2009

Tell the truth

Buddy tonight sang his first ever made-up song. For a kid with selective mutism and a speech delay this is a HUGE deal. HUGE.
He had left his banana peel on the couch (!!!) and when I asked if it was his he said "no, it's ya-ya's" Well this mama knew it was not Trible's b/c of the fact that she didn't finish her banana and it was already in the kitchen! So of course I quickly said "no, that is not hers, this is yours isn't it?" "welllllll yes, that is Buddy's"
"You need to tell the truth the first time ~ not when mommy catches you"

and so into the kitchen he goes holding his banana peel to throw into the trash singing the following song:

"Tell the truth, Tell the truth. No I won't"

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Mama H said...

Hahahahaha....I hate to laugh...but honestly, that IS funny!!!