Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planning for Valentines Day

Last year we started a new Valentines tradition. Sort of out of necessity but it was fun none the less. Our sitters go out on Valentines day for dinner themselves so we typically go out on a different evening. However, we celebrate Valentines day as a family on the day. I'm looking forward to this year because it's on a Saturday. So I'm already planning ahead. For breakfast we'll have pancakes ~ Pink & White ones. Then I'll cut heart shapes out of each and insert into the opposite color. Dinner that night will be mini-burgers ~ which the kids LOVE. We use brown & serve rolls as the burger rolls and the kids have discovered French's Fried Onions to top them with! I'm still trying to come up with a 'side' for that evening. Dessert will be their favorite ~ Chocolate Dipped Strawberries! YUMM!

What fun things do you plan for Valentines day?


Grammy said...

our school is having a day at the park picnic. then for supper there is a couples only dinner at a church members home. Looking foward to it all.. also making valentines for all the kidos there in the states.

Country Mouse said...

We always have dinner in... steak, mashed pots, and asparagus...this year I planned ahead and bought the asparagus when it was on sale and froze it... that is usually the biggest expense... gggrrr :)

Mama H said...

Ditto on the chocolate covered straberries!!! You can NOT go wrong with these!!!