Monday, January 26, 2009

You park cars in there?

This past Sat Lovergirl had a play date with a friend from school. I took her over and dropped her off and then went back to pick her up. As we were leaving she said to me "I think R must not get to go to the grocery store" !?!?!?! "Why is that sweetie?" "oh well they only have that truck out there" "Sweetie I'm thinking they probably park their van in their garage" To which she looked at me and said "REALLY???? Why do people do that?"

See we have a garage but as I said here, we're storing someone else things and so we have never parked in our own garage. I assured her as soon as ALL of the stuff is out of our garage that we too will park our van in our garage.

A day I'm looking forward to myself!!!

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Mama H said...

HILARIOUS. We ALSO have a garage that stores 'things' other than our cars. HAHAHAHA. (We are hiding construction materials in our garage until the interior projects are done.)

Absolutely hilarious post!