Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wally The Green Monster ~ Taking one for the team

Our fridge holds a very special magnet ~ Wally the Green Monster. He holds up special homework papers, drawings and lately a homemade snowflake (no idea why it's yellow)

We also have Trible in our house. AKA Miss Grabby-Grab-A-Lot. If it's within her reach, she is grabbing it. Hair, magazines, books, food, cups, and in this case a snowflake. This snowflake that was made with love by Lovergirl has been pieced back together more than once because of Miss GGAL.
Tonight she was in her daddy's arms and she reached over to the fridge and sure enough got the snowflake. I quickly said "oh no...not again" and daddy took a step hoping she would let go. Unfortunately she did not.

And Wally took one for the team:

He is no longer standing on his field in front of his wall. Not to mention his arm broke off :( Our beloved bobble-head Wally The Green Monster saved snowflake, but it was definately a sacrifice.

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Mama H said...

Taking one for the team indeed...we NEVER hear about mascots getting hurt, do you!!?? Hhhmm...something to think about.