Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Girl

Little girl. Tonight you have put your mama over the edge! Cruising around the train table to wreack havoic on your brother and sister. Taking apart the train track as I try to put it back together. Then laughing and moving on to the next part. I know you want to chase them and I think your daddy & I are right. You will be walking very, VERY, soon.
Then just before bedtime you really did your mama in. Climbing up the stairs? What are you thinking??? You are not 10 months old yet! You should be practicing your crawling, or pulling yourself up to stand. Not climbing stairs! How about learning to sit from crawling? Or do you think you won't need to do that because you have running in mind?

And apparently you think you no longer need a bib!


Country Mouse said...

I LOVE her in brown. I love her ALL the time but I especially love her in BROWN! :) SHE'S the cute-est!!! :)

Mama H said...

WILD WOMAN!!! I love it...