Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finding it necessary...

As the days go on lately I'm finding it necessary to disconnect from various 'things' in my life. All in all they may be very good things, but they are becoming a distraction. Something that I pour myself into, when I should be pouring myself into something else. Like praying, or listening to my Savior.
Where is the coming from?

Some recent conversations I've had with my husband. We've really been discussing demons (yes, I firmly belive they exist and are having a PARTY) that are in our lives. I think many Christians, myself included are oppressed (read that word again oppressed) by demons. I think we don't realize the extent of the spiritual warfare that is happening in our own homes. I am realizing for myself that my distractions from my children, my Bible and my husband can be the work of demons (I don't think that is the case all the time, but I do think it happens). I get sucked into something, that initially looks very good. However, it is used for evil. Me neglecting time with Jesus. Repenting of sin. I'm also realizing how much sin really does have an effect on future generations. How, anger, control, bitterness is a sin in my own life, but how it can be traced back to generations previous. Does that mean I am exempt from it? Hardly. It means I need to get work on it! The importance of prayer for protection of ones heart, and mind is so important. I am praying for my childrens protection now like never before. I need to pray over my daughter before she leaves for school in the morning. NOT check a blog. I need to pray over my son when he's having a meltdown...NOT post something. I need to pray over my baby instead of getting sucked into something. In addition I'm getting out of conversations that only get me fired up on the inside. If I'm constantly misunderstood then it's time (in my mind) to move on. I need to stop devoting time and energy to things that at the end of the day do not matter one bit.

I'm realizing the importance and the freedom that is the cross. I need to embrace that every day. With that freedom though comes great responsibility for accountability, for repentance, for forgiveness. I have years and years of junk and crap that I need to work through. It needs to be worked through now, so as to not effect my children and grandchildren.

Hey, hey, hey you are saying! What in the world?!?! I'm not going to devote every post now to repentance, and demons and the cross. But know where I'm coming from. And if I'm not around much whether it be here or somewhere else there is a reason. I'm measuring against a much higher standard than before. There are times in ones life where they have to cut things out to make room for something else. This is one of those times.


Heather W. said...

This post was very convicting for me. Thanks for posting what has been on your heart.

Mama H said...

Agreed. Very convicting post...and thank you for sharing what was on your heart. Sometimes we need a little reminder...our pastor was just talking about this same topic on Sunday. It's so true...we need to do things that matter for eternity. Amen, sister! Thanks again for the nudge. :)