Friday, December 5, 2008

Nothing exciting

Nothing exciting to share. I have some sort of lovely virus that has made my tummy quite sour. So I'm trying to avoid as much food as possible.
Yesterday I volunteered at the school ~ thinking that's where I picked up said tummy bug.
Tuesday was Buddy's MRI ~ he's such a trooper! He did SO well! And wouldn't you know now that he can be out and out about, mama is sick so we stay home. *sigh*
Hoping to put the tree up this weekend and finish up some Christmas shopping.

There is S-N-O-W in the forecast for this weekend. I live in the wrong state. I don't like the cold, and I REALLY don't like the white stuff.

Buddy got a new big-boy bed this week. Last night was his first night sleeping in it. My mom got him some new 'choo-choo' (Thomas the train) sheets and he is LOVING it! I'm a little sad he's growing up!
Tribles dresser is done and hubby picked it up last night. It's beautiful! Hoping to get it into her room tonight and put her clothes away!
Lovergirl is SO excited that vacation is over. She just loves school SO much. Yesterday she was the leader at school. I thought she might combust!
I think at this hour it's time to drag my self through the shower...maybe that will help me feel better...or I'll just need another nap. As if the 2-1/2 hour nap this morning wasn't long enough!

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