Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

This all may sound like a big mess to the rest of the world, but here it goes:

This morning we were completely organized to leave the house at 8:30 for church. We're moving to an early service (PRAISE JESUS!) starting next week, so this morning was a 'practice' run to get there early. We were out of the door 8:30 no problems. We get to church and start getting everyone situated. D starts working on announcements. Buddy REFUSES to go in the kids room and let me just say that it went downhill from there.
After setting up my table for cards for a family I took Buddy upstairs to D's office to make a bottle for Trible. When we came back down D was speaking with a young lady who was interested in baptism. In the midst of this conversation she fainted. Yes that's right fainted. They were in the midst of discussing if she knew what she would say if she met God today and then there she was on the floor (can you say Satan?) Flat out on the floor. D is of course holding Trible so he can't help this young lady. Thankfully we had two very confused RN's who eventually got her to come to, and out of the middle of the foyer and into the nursery. Wait...the nursery? That means we need to move all the kids from the nursery into the pre-k room. So I toss on my name tag and go into the pre-k room to help do crowd control. The ambulance comes which excites all 8 kids in that room (I mean really what isn't more exciting than an ambulance, fire engine AND police car????)! The nursery then had to be cleaned so we could move the kids back to their room.
Church starts ~ a few minutes late, but we get started. D goes thru the never ending list of announcements. It is obvious that the spirit is working and while he's praying he starts sweating profusely!
We sang a few more songs and then time for communion. Miss Trible is busy still singing (!!!) and so I quickly exit the service and head to the nursery. It is during communion that one of the elders goes to hand the bread to D and dumps the ENTIRE plate of bread ALL.OVER.THE.FLOOR. Really thankfully it wasn't the cup, but still! Can you say Satan?
The nursery was utter CHAOS. I was glad I stayed in there, and I've got to do some serious work about re-arranging that room and dividing it up. There were five kids in there and it was UNBELIEVABLE.
After church I finally get out of the nursery and sign Lovergirl out and start manning my table with note cards for a family in our church. At 12:45 D finally says to me "Are you about ready?" Um yeah...what time is it? OH NO! I have no lunch for Lovergirl & Buddy and it is LATE. Thankfully we called our couple that we're doing pre-marital counseling with and bumped the time back by 30 minutes. Buddy threw a fit the ENTIRE way home.
Seriously though God is at work in our church and Satan is NOT happy. Bill is preaching thru Acts and people are getting excited about getting out of the comfort zone and getting out into the community and sharing their faith! We no longer want to be the best kept secret in Scarborough. And you know what? Satan is NOT happy. XEE was supposed to start tonight. D has not been able to log into the site AT ALL. SO FRUSTRATING. Materials? Oh yeah....they're late. So we had to bump it back ANOTHER week. And to top it off the e-mail that D sent out confirming that they started tonight NEVER got delivered to ANY of the recipients. (you know what I'm going to say here....)
We have three weeks of Backyard Bible club planned. This week at the one near our house we're expecting 20 kids! How cool is that!?!
Four of those kids were supposed to come with me. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I can say I'm terribly disappointed. My family backed out again. My heart is heavy & sad. I believe I'm being prompted to step up to the plate here and take any opportunity to speak the truth (in love!). Many times I've bit my tongue when it comes to speaking up about their walk with the Lord. I've decided that there can be no more biting. Of course that means I'm most likely going to be given that opportunity soon. *YIKES* I need to be ready and armed. (Um...OK now I'm feeling a little nauseated) But in all seriousness I can not sit by any longer and not say ANYTHING when people know the difference.
Time to buckle-up I think....I'm in for the ride of my life!

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