Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer in Maine

Summer in Maine is Short. VERY short. So why are we being tortured (yes that's right tortured) with these thunderstorms EVERY.AFTERNOON? I am SO tired of it. Granted the garden looks great and our weed patch lawn is green. But it has been slayed mowed in a week. The pool is filling up, but really who cares if we don't actually get to swim in it! On a positive note the kids are getting used to thunderstorms. Last week Lovergirl actually said "well I'll be glad when we get a thunderstorm so it'll cool off a bit" WHAT? Who does this child belong to? Is this the same girl who I have found under ALL the covers screaming hysterically during a little storm?
Rumor has it that Friday will bring some nice summer weather. Oh I sure hope so!

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Mama H said...

So much for your 'break from blogging'....I'm glad to see you're back earlier than planned.