Saturday, June 14, 2008

Date Night

Tonight is date night in our house. Buddy and Trible are in bed snoozing. I'm relaxing on the couch watching Friends. So who is on a date you ask? That would be Lovergirl. Yes my five year old is on a date tonight. With her daddy.
She was very excited to be having a date tonight. They were going shopping at Target for a helmet, and then out for coffee. *GIGGLE* They both even had on 'date worthy' clothes. She did request that they go to the Freaky Bean for coffee instead of Starbucks. She likes the Freaky Bean better. Although she doesn't drink coffee.
This date though is something that D wants to do with his girls regularly. To show them how boys should treat them. I figure in a few years it'll be my turn to start taking Buddy on dates. To show him how to treat a lady. Sometimes teaching is best done by example.


Country Mouse said...

Love this! Makes my heart happy!

Mama H said... mouse hit it on the makes my heart happy as well. Kuddo's to your husband!

~The Bargain Babe said...

How sweet.
And btw, I *love* Friends! Chandler is my favorite. ;)

Anonymous said...

You don't teach girls how they should be treated by having their fathers take them out on a date. You teach them how they should be treated by instilling self-confidence in them by encouraging them to make good decisions, get good grades in school, and by teaching them there is more to them than just another pretty face.
The thing is, that if your daughter and her father have a decent relationship, this will all fall into place. She doesn't have to be "Daddy's little princess" to feel good about herself. As a matter of fact, this may set her up for a lifetime of disappointment.