Thursday, June 5, 2008

Because she celebrates ALL month :)

To my friend. I wish you a blessed birthday. Almost forevor is a long time. A wonderful long time. (Grab a tissue just in case) Sometimes I wish we could roll back the years and be up in the tree house again eating blueberries we just picked. Trying desperately to keep the boys OUT. Spending two weeks in our bathing suits at Buganut for swimming lessons. Our towels never really dried for those two weeks each summer, but it sure was fun. Camping while going to Loon Mountain and being prepared for just about anything and everything. Commuting to Yarmouth and back. I really thought you meant to throw the WHOLE drink out the window...not just the actual liquid. A Garth Brooks marathon..."she was standing in the kitchen with nothing but her apron on".

And now I see the love you have for my kids. How blessed they are to have an Aunt Julia who loves them so much. Someone who drops everything when she hears that Buddy is sick and just drives to the hospital. I'm not sure I can ever express how comforting it was to know that when you heard my tears on the phone that day and said "I'm on my way" I knew you would. Admiring little Trible and ALL her hair and pudginess. How I know that when Lovergirl gets older and needs someone other than her mom to talk to I can send her to you and you'll say the same thing I say. But because it comes from you it will be taken better. I thank you in advance. You have also instilled a love for clickers in that girl like I have never seen before. She's always pointing out clickers wherever we go. :)
I love my friend!

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Country Mouse said...

yah... thanks for the head's up on the tissues... you know me SO well :) sniff.sniff. :)