Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Desk

I have a cute desk in our kitchen. It's where I blog, hunt for recipes and some days just mindlessly click around the internet. The desk is a little worn. It was D's when he was a kid. He even carved his name on the front of the long drawer. AND he placed two garbage pail kid stickers on the side (Lovergirl has told him many times now that stickers are for paper only). Someone also carved love in cursive on the side. I've wanted to paint it for a while, but painting while preggers was not on my list. Yesterday was a beautiful day and so I set to work on it!

Three cans of black spray paint later:

Now the drawer pulls that were on it I did not put back on. I didn't really care for them so I'd like to get some new ones. That's where I need some help. *They are in order of favorites*

The above is my favorite one

Same style just in a different finish


Country Mouse said...

I actually like the last one best...

TracyMichele said...

I'm liking the top one. :)