Monday, April 21, 2008

Today I have......

Served breakfast to the kids in the living room with Clifford on.
Swept the ENTIRE 1st floor (which was necessary after the above)
Put away my laundry
Stripped my bed as Miss Eliza tinkled on it while I was changing her.
Rescued my flowers from my sweet buddy who was excavating!

Kissed Buddy's forehead after he took a digger out back on the patio blocks (OUCH)
Gave Buddy some ibuprofen for his head that is bruised, scratched & slightly swollen (which now matches the other two spots on his forehead)
Fixed a superb lunch of PB&Fluff, and fruit for the other two.
Swished the mop over the floor to get up whatever was on it.
Taken something out for dinner
Got EVERYONE dressed
Been the secretary for my DH who is in Chicago
Killed some yellow jackets in the basement
Cut out some coupons
OH...and nursed Miss Eliza EVERY 45-60 min.

In about an hour my 'helper' for the afternoon will be here. Thank you Jesus for helpers!!!

1 comment:

Country Mouse said...

Holy COW you are SUPER WOMAN!!!! Thank goodness for this AWESOME weather huh!?!? :)