Friday, April 25, 2008

RedNeck Lane

I think someone changed the name of our road with out telling us. Now I'm all for people being able to use their yard and driveway for family fun, but this is getting a TAD ridiculous! Across the street from us is an INTERESTING family. Currently in their driveway there are 5 vehicles. In order to get a certain vehicle out they usually have to move others. Two cars do not run. The corvette has flat tires. The camaro? That's missing the engine. How do I know that? Because I watched them haul it OUT of the camaro this week (all while he's cursing at his wife...CLASSY). In addition NEXT to the driveway are two campers. They rarely contain all their trash and so we pick up stray things in our yard as that's the way the wind blows. LOVELY. My favorite thing about these neighbors? (sense the sarcasm) They go to the grocery store EVERY DAY. They bring home one or two bags. And then the next day they head out again. Their TV is ALWAYS on. ALWAYS. They have a 'friend' who leaves their house at 9pm at night who beeps their horn. And now that warmer weather is here the motorcycle will be added to their collection of wheels in their driveway.

Next to them a new family moved in. Their passion? Four wheelers on their little acre of land and tires. Piles of tires. For what I don't know. The four-wheeler starts in the afternoon when they get home from work and the drive around and around in circles on their property. *SIGH* I can't WAIT until next winter when they can run the snowmobiles AND the four wheeler at the same time.

What happened to our nice quiet lane? With children playing in their yards and people puttering in their gardens?

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Country Mouse said...

At least there is always something to look at out the window... :) Can I get an AMEN Trace? :) Free entertainment for the kidlets L!! :)