Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not who I thought it would be....

Trible is the most relaxed, laid back baby I've seen in a LONG time. Maybe it's because buddy screamed for the first nine months that I'm expecting more crying.
Lovergirl as we all know has been in-love with her little sister since they moment she laid eyes on her. She likes to hold her, talk to her, etc. Very attentive to her needs. Buddy on the other hand only gets stressed when she fusses, and then he RUNS to find a paci for her. If he can't find one of hers, he'll try to put his in her mouth (hey he's resourceful!).

So on Sunday evening the kids were watching a baby einstein and the babe was sleeping on the couch (she naps there SO well). Lovergirl climbs up on the couch and proceeds to SIT ON the babe. Now mind you she'd been napping there oh for an hour or so. Thankfully I caught her before she sat down completely. *SIGH*
Fastforward not even 8 minutes. Lovergirl is dancing to the music and JUMPS up on the couch...except she doesn't jump on the couch, instead she jumps on trible! AAAHHH!!!

Trible never wakes up. She keeps right on sleeping!!!!?!?!?! How I have no idea. I look at Lovergirl and remind her that she MUST be careful of her. Today I find her attempting to pick trible up, not holding her head!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!

Buddy on the other hand. Oh no, he's been sitting quietly next to her patting her back, or gently caressing her cheek.

I think my children may have been switched. :-\

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