Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Babywearing or just protection?

Girlfriend likes to be held close. REAL close. She's a snuggler. Oh how I LOVE that about her. (Yes, even at 3 am when she's sleeping with me, but that's for another post. SHH...don't tell...we're co-sleeping for now).
The morning before she was born we stopped at Target and picked up one of these
slings. To say it has been a lifesaver is an understatement. I can use the restroom with her in it. *Cue the angels* I can hold Buddy's hand and walk with him and still hold girlfriend in it. I can even change his diaper without putting her down (which is an event in itself let me say).

Now I'm not a die-hard babywearing mama, although I do enjoy wearing her and she enjoys it also. I also view it as protection from the rest of the world. As an example, I normally plop her in the sling for church. Why? So people don't touch her. Yes, simple as that so people keep their grubby, germy fingers off her. (She's TECHNICALLY not due until tomorrow so please forgive me for being a little overprotective of her. If I could I'd hang a sign from her that says "Have you washed your hands?") And really who is going to reach in and touch her when she's this close to my chest?

Other than my husband I can't think of one person. And even then he'd be a tad nervous to try to take her out with everyone else around. (And can I just say this picture is so cute!!!)

This past Sunday I forgot the sling. I remembered it oh about 8 minutes from church. So no, I can't turn around and go get it. So into church we go, I unbuckle her from her car seat in order to feed her and I can not TELL you how many people kept trying to either A) touch her face or B) take her. I guarded her with my LIFE I tell you. Now if someone is just dying to hold her, I would be more than happy to have them over, let them scrub up in our bathroom and then hold the sweet girl.
Needless to say her babyshower ought to be interesting as we are not going to play pass the baby ;)


Life With Jack said...

I just saw these awesome tags on another blog and thought of them while I was reading your post! http://www.mytinyhands.com/index.htm
Your baby is just adorable and looks so snuggly in the picture. :)


Anonymous said...

I understand completely. My first son got sick the Monday after church every single time because those fast hands would swoop in and start grabbing. I never understood touching other people's babies like that. We ended up hospitalized two times due to the Monday after church sickness. Keep baby girl with you and close. You are being a great Mommy.