Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting out of the boat....

This is it. What we've been waiting for. *YIKES* No Jr Mint is not arriving this soon. I'm talking about EE and not relying on Poland Spring to pay the bills. The Hubby will be giving his notice this week at work. We have SO many loose ends to tie up! Cobra/Insurance stuff, packing up his office to move into the church (his EE office for the next six months will be in our church) and of course we still need to continue raising support. We are not 100% supported. We're not even 50% supported. That's where the faith is coming in. *GULP* So aside from some "EE" responsibilities D's job will be to raise support on Tuesday thru Fridays. On Monday's his job is to be the pastor at church. Yes, that's church. He's the pastor of evangelism (go figure) and has ages 13-30.

So there it is folks...the exciting news in our house... We're stepping out of the boat.

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Country Mouse said...

PRAYING for you guys!