Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the good word is?????

Keep doing nothing! That's right! Keep doing nothing. You know this wouldn't be so bad if it were 70 and June and we could sit outside in the shade. But noooooo I for some reason have babies in April (well due in April) and so it's 35* and 4ft of snow on the ground.
Anyway.... Dr R said my BP readings are good and to keep up the doing nothing. So yes, there are still crumbs on the table & floors. All the laundry is washed, dried & folded but piled in the living room. Buddy has every toy out in his room. And I'm sorry in advance if you use my bathroom but I'm not sure when the last time was that I washed the sink. If there were such a thing as 'light-duty' mothering then that's what I'm doing. :) We watch cartoons, we read stories, I paint toe-nails blue with orange dots, or finger nails yellow (Yes I know...YELLOW). But in three weeks I'll be holding a sweet baby in my arms...and that my friends will be worth walking to the bathroom and getting oreo creme on the bottom of my bare foot. (Oh so if you come over...keep your shoes on!)
My NST went great after baby stopped with the hiccups *SIGH* silly baby. And she said I could continue being up for about 45 min at a time, but then I needed to be 'down' for about the same time. That I can do. :)

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Country Mouse said...

Sounds good. And up for 45 down for 45 doesn't sound too too bad. (now PLEASE get that DH to clean the floors and the bathroom sink ~ yick) :)