Monday, February 18, 2008

Making A List and Checking it Twice

So because of the dr's appt from last week we've been in high gear getting ready for the baby. I have lists ALL over the place of things that need to be done, purchased or made.

This week I'm going to start in on the freezer meals/muffins to have on hand. Breakfast IMHO is the worst after having a baby. Two other hungry children while your eyes are barely open and a new born who either A) wants to eat themselves or B) has kept you up for hours for whatever reason. So this week I'll get all the muffins & breakfast items made & froze:
Choc Chip
and a batch of waffles.

I'll also start working on our freezer meals. A local grocery store has whole chickens on sale for 79 cents a pound so I'll grab two and put them in the freezer for 'chicken in a pot'. Lovergirl suggested a roast - which I already have (Nice girl!!) Other things to make are:
Shepherds Pie (with corn!)
Stuffed Shells
Chicken Pot Pie
If I can get a couple of each into the freezer then I should be set for those hectic days when I've napped the afternoon away and again everyone is hungry.

Next up is my hospital bag that I'm starting to pack. I slipped on my 'after pregnancy' jeans yesterday and I can just about button them. Why not? Well there is this head in my Those went into the bag. Next some old-lady undies. Yep you know the kind...the ones you can tuck your bra into. Nothing worse than having something rub on your c-section incision so I get to wear those bad larrys. (And yes they are bad larrys) Then the usual, deodorant, face soap, shampoo, conditioner, razor, lotion, etc. I have a few things here to pick up. I need to also pack some jammies (As soon as they let me shower I'm out of those hospital gowns!!!) and some various other things that I won't bore you or embarass myself with :) The hard part is that this bag needs to be packed and in the van in a couple of weeks for when I GO to the dr's. And really I don't want to be packing my toothbrush before every appt, and then unpacking it when I get home.
And last up is ALL the stuff for this baby! Diapers, wipes, paci's, bottle nipples, onesies, etc If this child is a boy it will only have 2 outfits to wear. Poor kid. If it's a girl we're set...but a boy...oh dear! We got all the 'stuff' out of the attic this weekend and I've sorted it all to be washed ~ which I'll start this week. The guys on Thursday night are going to move the dresser up to our room so I can get things in it. I have determined that I have enough blankets to wrap up about a dozen babies (!!!!) Also we need to shuffle all the car seats in the van and get the baby seat in. That should be interesting having the two other kids in the back ~ I don't trust buddy to sit next to a newborn ~ call me crazy but I just don't. :)

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