Thursday, February 14, 2008

If you don't laugh you'll cry....

And this afternoon I started sobbing. Lets back up and see if we can re-cap all of this. Sun evening after our company leaves I notice our furnace is not kicking on. I ask DH to run down and re-start it. He does and it takes oh about 12 times before it kicks in. At the SAME time he notices a little drip from a shut-off valve above our hot-water heater. He shuts it off. Great. Now I have NO WATER. He turns it back on. I have water....then its gone. But only in the bathroom & kitchen faucets. ?????? YEAH. hour later after taking filters off and emptying them we finally have water again. It seems when the valve got shut off and then turned back on a rush of water and dirt came thru and clogged the two faucets. NICE. Of course in the mean time, we've called the plumber who calls me back at 6:30 the next morning.

Mon morning DH gets up to go to work. I get up before he leaves and mention something about him starting his car. He goes out to start it and the doors freeze OPEN. Thats right folks OPEN. 35 minutes later and the heat gun they are thawed and he's on his way. Buddy woke up that day 45 min AFTER I laid Lovergirl down for her nap.

Lovergirl was having MAJOR potty problems. MAJOR and I'll leave it at that.
Tues AM we get up and rush out to Buddy's appt. We go to the Wal-Mart. We come home. I make lunch. It is THEN that Lovergirl hands me her broken glasses. Where did they break? She has NO IDEA. We search the house. We search the van. We call the dr's office. Even at this point 2 days later the piece has not been found. However on my way to my dr's appt I stop at Pearle Vision and they make 3 phone calls trying to find a pair of frames. Nope no one has that frame any longer. (Mind you these are $300 glasses, and she's not due for a new pair until AFTER MAY!!!!) It is at this point that they go thru all their spare parts and put some things together so she can at least wear them. I wanted to kiss them I was so happy.
However, before I leave for my appt Buddy goes upstairs and squirts cucumber melon lotion out...he has super soft hands I must say, but the carpet is a little messy.

We all know the OB appt didn't go so well.
We go out to dinner b/c Daddy is stuck working a 12 hour shift. GGRRRRRR.
Potty problems start to resolve themselves...except now we have the OPPOSITE issue.
Wed 2 times we have the OPPOSITE issue and I get to clean it up. NOT HAPPY.

Today we went to our valentines party. We come home. I bring the kids in. Buddy knows he's going to bed so he goes up to brush his teeth. He shuts the bathroom door. He opens the drawer to the vanity. He locks himself in the upstairs bathroom. I call the emergency line at work to get DH home NOW. And then the crying starts. Buddy starts playing with shampoo, conditioner, a bathroom cleaner, and various other things that you would think child safety locks would keep him out of but really to him they are useless. I sobbed. And then I got a hammer. DH came home and broke down the bathroom door. My drawer in the vanity is now permanently shut with my make up IN THE DRAWER!!! Buddy ruined my shirt, his shirt, and possibly his jacket because of the stuff he sprayed on himself.

I'm done laughing. I can't laugh at it any more. It's now 2:44 pm and I should be napping. But there's no milk in the house, and I desperately need to go get my script filled.

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oh my GOODNESS my friend!! :( ~Julia