Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The cyst is still there....

Yesterday morning was Buddy's ultrasound at MMC for his kidneys. He was VERY cooperative. He didn't like the sonographer much, but he doesn't like many strangers. He didn't cry (Buddy that is), he just refused to look at him. I got FIL to go with us to be the heavy (literally in some cases) and he even drove us in considering it snowed during the morning. Thankfully the job of being they heavy never really panned out and they just played trucks, while I kept Buddy's legs down.
The cyst is still there on his right kidney. How do I know? Well the sonographer measured the tiny little spot, and seeing that this is the 3rd ultrasound for him I've come to know what it looks like! (Plus my kidneys are covered with all those little spots). The left kidney was free of cysts so thats good. Buddy wriggled and moved as it all tickled and he's not one for laying still. Just before we were ready to be done with the whole ordeal the fire alarm goes off. Well chances are they don't just run random fire drills at the hospital in the middle of a snow storm so we sort of look around at people like what do we do? Everyone seems calm and no one rushes us out. The sonographer walked us back to the reception area and we were able to get in the elevator. It was then that we smelled it. Burnt toast. Yes someone burned toast in the hospital and it set off the fire alarm. The hospital had gone down into a sort-of lock-down but they were allowing people to leave. Incoming visitors were being instructed to wait in the main lobby. *sigh* never a dull moment huh?
Next Tues we'll go see Dr Kinkead to get the results of his kidney ultrasound. I'm trying to write down some questions to bring with me so we can figure this whole thing out. Like at what point will this be dx as something? Who makes the dx? I just don't want to be traipsing this kid to the hospital every year for an ultrasound for the next 16 years to say 'yep its a cyst....wonder why it's there'
In the meantime today we have planned a very quiet stay-at-home day and I'm SO looking forward to it :)

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TracyMichele said...

Oh L! Maybe I never told you.. but I did that at MMC when I worked there. Yes, my bagel got caught in the toaster and ignited. Yes.. fire alarm and the fire department were called in. I returned to my office to hear everyone complaining about the "drill", etc. and I had to come clean. LOL.

Keep us posted on the results. Good to hear one kidney looks good. :)