Friday, February 8, 2008

30 Weeks ~ pictures!

Hubby took some preggo belly shots last night for me. Yesterday morning Lovergirl said "wow is your baby getting big mommy!" Thanks honey. I'm pleased though I don't have puffiness in my face, or hands, or feet! It's just a preggo belly. Oh and please excuse the mop-top hair. I'm trying to grow it out for locks for love. It's at that stage where NOTHING is spectacular with it!


Anonymous said...

Yah for pics of Jr. Mint!!! :) ~ Ant Julia

Karen T. said...

That's a great pic, Laurie!! You look LITTLE!! Just a bubble in the front! :) I am getting caught up with you. I will be praying for Buddy, esp. concerning his kidney.
Rachel was not really talking at 3 yr. old. We had her screened and everything. Then at 3.5 she started talking and taught herself to read at 4. So, she pretty much learned to do both at the same time to the point if she said something wrong I would spell the word so she would say if properly. "No honey, it starts with a "r" not a "w" and then she would say it right. Not that you sounded worried, but try not to worry! :)
Love, Karen

Wilson's said...

You look GREAT! I am trying to grow my hair out too- and I HATE it.