Sunday, January 20, 2008

We made it....

Well we made it to Florida. In one piece thankyouverymuch. The kids are excited to not be bundled up.
Lets recap a little. The flight was direct from Portland to Orlando. Originally we *thought* we were supposed to stop somewhere along the way. That didn't happen and we are surely not complaining. The kids were AMAZING on the plane. Buddy sat on DH's lap and Lovergirl sat in between us. They played, they snacked, the looked out the window. Overall it wasn't a horrible three hours. There was quite a bit of bumpiness ~ once while I was in the restroom trying to hike those support hose back up *YIKES* but not too bad overall. As soon as we got here we started taking the layers off.

Last night was an interesting night of sleeping. D slept with Lovergirl and Buddy with me. Lets just say BOTH of our children hog the bed ~ just in different ways. Buddy slept ON me most of the night. I do not like to be touched when I sleep. So it was a LONG night for me to say the least. He also woke up at 4:30 this morning. *sigh* There is no ignoring him when he's RIGHT next to you at that hour. So needless to say our day started early.
Miss Lovergirl put her nightie "away" at that hotel. Yep ~ under the pillow. Guess when I found out? At 8 pm tonight when we were getting into jammimes. FOUR HOURS AWAY. I'm figuring at this point its gone. It was getting too short anyway, but that means she has one set of jammies for the week.

Today included a trip to Disney. Actually a trip to see the princess. Lovergirl could have cared less about Mickey, Rides or anything else. So we spent two hours at Cinderella's castle, and visiting Cinderella, Beauty & Sleeping Beauty. I waited in line with her for over 45 min for a one-on-one time with each of them. She was thrilled to say the least. That little girl just beamed from ear to ear. And I got some FABULOUS pictures.

Tonight we are in our "home" until Sat at noon ~ in Ft Lauderdale. Tomorrow is calling for showers and you know if we don't go anywhere that will be just fine. The kids are wiped from 2 days of being on the go. Frankly we are wiped too. We are still up only for the reason that we are waiting for the crib for Buddy to sleep in. Right now he's asleep in the middle of the bed. ALONE. Lovergirl is camped out in the other bedroom on the floor.

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