Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pictures are coming....I promise

So we are home. It was a SHOCK to get off the plane and see it snowing ON the ramp. It was even worse to step into a slush pile at the grocery store getting milk (keeping in mind I didn't have socks on!). Buddy refuses to wear a long sleeve shirt. He likes his 'bare arms' (more on that later). Now let me just share some observations with you.

A giant inflatable snow man does not belong in Florida. I'm sorry it just doesn't. Especially when you have it tethered to palm trees.
Neither should you cut snow flakes and tape them on the tinted windows.
Snowman pajamas have no business being sold in Target next to the bathing suits. Seriously people.
80* is warm.
Because 80* is warm you should let your arms & legs be bare. I'm not saying n*ked. Just bare. Short sleeves, shorts & sandals are spectacular for that weather. I can not TELL you the number of people that asked if my children where the ones with bare arms & legs. Yes they are and they are loving every minute of it! (Hence the reason why Buddy wants to wear his bare arms & sandals now!) And on that note, please do not apologize for your warm temps and sun.
Attention Wal-Mart & Target ~ please continue to sell sandals in January. One pair in Buddy's size is not that helpful when people come from the Northeast. Boots on the beach just don't work.
Speaking of winter boots ~ kids in south Florida *really* don't need them. You may think they are cute but lets be realistic. It's 80* It's NOT COLD.

We are all unpacked, and all the laundry is washed & dried. Today comes grocery shopping, picking up ALL our mail, and folding the laundry. I am caught up on my sleep. Lovergirl should be just about there. Buddy though is not even close. He's been AWFUL to say the least. I've got some work to do in getting him back into his 'routine'
Today we are also going to meet the kids new cousin Hunter! Lovergirl is pretty excited. Buddy, I'm sure hasn't a clue and will probably freak when I hold the little guy. He'll survive ;)
Oh and D's hours at work are changing starting next week!!!!! He's going on a start-up crew so he'll work Mon-Fri 8-10 hour days. While technically it will be more hours (if they do the 10 hour days) it means he'll be home EVERY NIGHT for dinner AND he'll have weekends off. Course it also means I get to take Buddy to his ultrasound alone next week which should be rather interesting. Anyone up for helping me pin him down so they can scan his kidneys??????

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pinkmommy said...

Thanks for commenting! Florida sounds nice about now. Right now, Arkansas weather is changing back and forth so fast I can't even keep up. The high today is around 70 with a low of 25. So, we will basically go through 2 or 3 seasons all in one day!