Friday, October 26, 2007

Boys, boys, boys

I love my boy dearly. Buddy flashes smiles at me that melts my heart. He's taking a liking to snuggling before bed at night. But let me tell you that it's ALL A COVER. That child can not sit still for a few seconds. This morning alone he scratched his chest (even with an undershirt & a sleeper on) smacked his cheek on something, got stuck in a box under my craft table, emptied 3 of his dresser drawers and pulled ALL the blocks out. That's just what I'm remembering off the top of my head. Yesterday the ENTIRE front of his pants were covered in grass stains.
He dirtied his sweatshirt at lunch. With half a sandwich. While I didn't take any pictures of that particular mess I figure you'd like to see these.

Before dinner - no that's not a mustache. It's dirt. It's ALL over him. He had been outside for 45 minutes. I washed his face and hands...but by the after dinner poses you'd never no it.

After dinner - he's MUCH happier. And now instead of brown all over his face it's a reddish orange from the spaghetti sauce.

And everywhere else. *SIGH*

I can't help but think of my cousin and her very neat son who would be freaking out at the sight of Buddy.


TracyMichele said...

I love it! Yes.. Meme was shocked when I showed him the photos. He thinks Buddy needs a bath! LOL.

On the other hand... maybe it is not a boy/girl thing but a 1st born/2nd born thing. Bean is my accident waiting to happen. At almost 3, she has more bumps and bruises than Meme has had in his 4.5 years of life. *sigh* She just might be the cause of our first trip to the ER. hehe.

~ Laurie said...

Tell Meme he ALWAYS needs a bath...and I'm afraid Lovergirl isn't usually much better. *SIGH*

Maybe the third time is the charm for me?