Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Would you do this?

I'm a bit of a paper towel fanatic. I like my paper towels to be just so. I like specific prints. Plain white are fine, if the prints are just AWFUL. But prints are fun! Today while shopping I had three VIVA coupons for 35 cents off one roll. So I head to the Wal-Mart and go down the paper towel aisle (after I had picked up my $7.87 pampers with a coupon for $1.00 off). I find the VIVA Big Roll, and all they have is prints. Some good prints, some not so great prints. I knew exactly which print I wanted though, and so I started in. Yes, I dug thru the cartons to find the prints I wanted. People are looking at me. I figure that I am purchasing these and so I want what I think is pretty! Would you just grab any shirt off the rack? NO! You would search for the one you liked the best! Why should it be any different with paper towels. Now granted I'm not actually going to wear the paper towels, but I want them to make me smile even just a little when I'm wiping juice up off the floor :) So tell me ~ would you do this???????


Deanne said...

Of COURSE you should dig for the coolest prints!!

There is simply no question.

TracyMichele said...

Um... I going with a big no. LOL. I usually let the kids pick out the prints on the paper products. I know, I spoil them. *giggle*

Deanne said...



Your favorite, and in this case, CORRECT, cousin

Anonymous said...

I have been known to do this. I get irritated with prints that have blue, reds and purples in them.... does not match my kitchen. Trace, I agree with Deanne. Stop the maddness. Until your children can learn what matches the kitchen they are not allowed to pick out the paper products!! :) ~ Julia

TracyMichele said...

Ok.. in my defense.. we do not have paper products visable in the kitchen.. they are hidden in the supply closet. So the print matters none to me.