Monday, August 13, 2007

So much for MY nap this afternoon

I could not sleep last night. I tried - it was just hot, and I refused to turn the A/C on. Besides today was going to be a quiet day, and I had every intentions of napping when the kids did. That all changed at about 10am this morning. I heard ladders outside. Thinking someone was stealing our contractors stuff I flew outside. No it was my contractor. He scared me, and I scared him. GREAT. They decided the 'showers' were behind us, and they wanted to continue on the roof. Ok. No problem. No napping in my bed - as my bedroom window looks out ON to the roof they would be working on. I think not ;) So instead I puttered a bit and after I had dinner assembled I decided I would sneak into bed with lovergirl and nap (her room is on the opposite side of the house). And then it happens - in the distance that tell tale noise. THUNDER. I didn't move at first, and then I hear it again. So I say to said contractors "is that thunder?" YES! They start SCRAMBLING, b/c there is NOTHING covering half of the garage & the back half of our sunroom. In about 10 minutes while standing on aluminum ladders in a thunderstorm (yes thunder & lightning) they got the open parts sealed. In the process of all of this lovergirl wakes up SCREAMING. The thunder scared her, and I found her huddling UNDER her quilt, yelling and crying at the top of her lungs. So much for napping with her this afternoon. Off to find something to do till 7:30 pm when lovergirl goes to bed and so do I tonight.

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