Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dr's Update

This afternoon we to see Dr Kinkead to follow up on Buddy's surgery. First let me just say - I love this dr. I know love is a really strong word but listen...we're in a Urologists office. There are TONS of people in there. He first of all could care less that both of my kids are snacking on graham crackers. Buddy actually took his and threw them on the floor and then smiled at him. He said don't worry - he'd take care of it. So he checked on his ahem...manhood and it seems we're all good in that dept. Just some instructions for the next month or so, but nothing you all want to know about.
Next we talked about Buddy's kidney 'issue' that's been going on for about a year. I know he needed another follow up ultrasound and so I just asked him when, and if he'd be willing to take over this aspect of Buddy's care. He is more than happy too. It saves about 4 phone calls in regards to followup, did the ultrasound get to the right place, what to do next. Interestingly enough on the last ultrasound they refered to the spot as a lesion - which to him is just basically a cyst. DING DING DING! I have polycystic kidney disease. My kidneys are COVERED. However one cyst doesn't make it PKD. So they'll continue to monitor to see what they can see.
Now my little man is in bed - he didn't nap this afternoon. *SIGH* I was NOT happy. He's SO tired, and having trouble falling asleep now. :(

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