Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My how plans can change!

I was gearing up for D to work all week ~ 7 days straight. Which he never does. He rarely works 5 days in a row. However this week he was down for overtime on Wednesday - the 4th. And so he found someone to split the shift with on Wed, and then split Thursday (the other person had OT on Thurs). So that meant on Sunday - Double time! YA-HOO!
Yesterday he gets to work - no overtime schedule. That's odd, but has happened before. Well finally late in the day it comes out - they're not scheduling ANY overtime for Wed b/c they're not running all the lines (!) which to us is a shock. MUST MAKE WATER!!!!!!!!! So now we're scrambling to plan some things for the 4th. We think we have it down as to what we'd like to do ~ parade in the morning, BBQ corn & chicken for lunch and then naps for ALL of us ;) Smore's that night (YUMM) So if you know of a parade pass it along! This morning I'm off to get groceries, and maybe score some 4th of July T's for the kids.

Oh and one other note - our days of 7 cases of water may be over. Someone got hurt at PS over the weekend. They're not sure if it's a loss time accident or not. This girl is panicking as I've become accustomed to my free cases of water....I might have to drink it from the *gasp* tap!

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