Monday, July 23, 2007

Frugal Monday?

Ok I know - normally it's Frugal Friday, but frankly I was a tad busy last friday ;)

I must share this and there is a 'time-limit' on it, so it must be Frugal Monday! Last week we were in Lowes picking up a few necessary items for the house. I spun thru the paint department to check out the 'oops' pile. To my surprise there is a gallon of ultra white paint in there for $5! Sweet! This house has LOTS of white that needs to be freshened up! So I grabbed it. When we went to pay the nice cashier rang up my purchase (incorrectly the first time - always watch those scanners!), and then after I paid handed me a rebate slip. For $5 back on any Valspar Gallon of paint. That's right my $5 thing of paint has a $5 rebate on it! So I have it filled out and will be mailing it which will equal FREE PAINT for the house! So if you have some walls that need some freshening - head to Lowes and check that oops pile. You never know what you'll find!

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