Saturday, July 28, 2007


OK- Finally - Pictures of the house - I know it's been a L-O-N-G time comming. Figured I needed to get these on here before I posted Buddy's birthday party :)
I can't find the picture of the front/back of the house - but really you all want to see the INSIDE! Let me also say - there is wall-paper in almost every room of the house - and it's all got to go. One room at a time

Woodstove in the sunroom (what we call this room anyway) - the door you see open goes to the garage. There are 3 windows in this room (none of which are in the picture!) One is on the left of this picture above the blue wallpaper. The other two are on the opposite wall

From the sunroom - looking into the kitchen. Buddy has already forgot to put his hands down at that step and went face first. He's still got the bruise to prove it!

Kitchen - the hall to the left goes to the living room, basement, a coat closet, the play room and a half bath.

Another shot of the kitchen - this corner is where my desk is! Door opening into the dining room
Dining room - there are two windows in this room - one next to the other.
Dining room again
Living room - ok so far this room looks AMAZINGLY better. The carpet is gone. The ceiling is in. The ceiling fan is installed! This room gets a TON of sun, so it's getting a nice DARK coat of paint. We're not 'living' in it yet - not until the new floors are installed.

Kids play room & my craft area. That corner will be my craft area (there's a HUGE closet behind me in this picture), and there is another window to the right. The kids love this room!

Lovergirls room. The writing on all the walls is finally gone (8 coats of Binz later) and this week we'll painting it pixie dust! To the right you see the edge of her sky-light which she really loves!

Buddy's room - slightly larger than lovergirls - but it already has blue carpet. :)

The above two are of our room. Top photo shows the far corner. There is another window on the opposite side of the 'headboard'. Bottom photo shows the built in drawers - very handy for D's work clothes, extra blankets, sheets, etc. We have LARGE closet in our room (well large to us anyway). Upstairs there is also a full bath & a nice size closet.

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Tracy said...

Looks cute! I agree.. get rid of the paper. LOL. I just read that vinegar and water helps take it off. Probably cheaper than some other solutions and kid friendly! Can't wait to see more pics when you get the floors in.