Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunburned at story hour??? and swimming lessons

This morning I took Lovergirl to story hour for the first time. We had planned going a few times before but just hadn't made it. So today we went. And I got a slight sunburn at story hour. You see the 1st Monday of the month in the summer they play outside with each other instead of staying in. Maureen likes to break it up a bit. Well last week it rained....and poured. So obviously they didn't go outside. Well when they don't go outside the first week, they go out the next nice week. And today was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. So it was the day to go out. Well I was not aware of that so I came ill-prepared. No sunscreen, no sunglasses for Lovergirl, or myself. And so I got a little pink. It was nice to be able to sit out in the warm sun though.
Lovergirl got to check out some books - 3 Curious George books - her current favorite! And they enjoyed a snack. Next week should be interesting with Buddy tagging along with us! Buddy loves books, but this is preschool story hour...not baby story hour ~ he'll most likely be OFF-THE-WALL excited about all the kids.

We are also signing Lovergirl up for swimming lessons. She has been BEGGING us to take them. At first I thought it was 4 lessons....but no it's 16 lessons. Monday thru Thursday for one hour each day for FOUR WEEKS! Guess we're really going to get our use out of that bathing suit I bought her this year. It will also be good for Buddy to spend some time with mama in the water each day. Which means I'm REALLY going to have to work on this bod to get it bathing suit ready. This brings back the memories of going to swimming lessons as a kid with all our friends. Because my mom took care of 2 other children and we were pretty much all in different classes we would pretty much spend two solid weeks at the lake swimming, eating, and getting sunburned. Remember those days J? I don't think our bathing suits and towels actually ever dried! They would be wet the ENTIRE time. *sigh* ahhhh those were the days. Now to carry on the tradition!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the summer swimming lessons, picnics and fun times at the lake!! Also a big fan of waking up to my mom on the phone with one of the "other" mom's saying "ok, we'll get packed up and meet you... yep, I'll write a note for them tomorrow about missing school :)" GOOD times!! ~ Julia