Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm driving him nuts!

So while we're living with the in-laws DH & I are sharing a computer. We can share the computer just fine. Especially on his days of work I get it all day....LOL! I have nothing else to do (SERIOUSLY) and so I sit on the computer....B-O-R-I-N-G. Anyway. What's driving him nuts ~ well seriously I have all the time in the world to pound the web (as he calls it) and I've found ALL sorts of sites that I've added to the favorites list. And seriously they are in no particular order.
I've found random blogs I like to read. Some are people I know IRL, others I don't. I have various coupon sites that I'd like to use in the future. A couple new survey sites to add to my growing list. Oh and some recipes that I'd like to try. All in all I've 53 sites to my favorites. And literally it's driving him crazy because the list is just HUGE. So a mini-goal for this week will be to organize that list a little better and get it in some folders. So soon...hopefully very soon I can transfer it to my computer :) I didn't think I'd actually say this...but yes I do miss that old thing!

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