Sunday, April 1, 2007

She thinks she's four today....

Emma's friend A shares her birthday (actually her friend H does, cousin R, uncle R and so on..) and so this morning during Higher Ground A's mom brought a special snack for their class. Cookies & juice boxes ~ how cool is THAT??? ~ anyway Emma & A each got the bunny cookie, and the rest of the class got the egg cookies (when your birthday is this close to easter those are the cookies Hannaford has). So the class sang Happy Birthday to them this morning and Emma thinks because they sang she is now four. Oh how her little heart broke when I said she was still three until tomorrow.

However tomorrow let the celebrating begin....donuts from the donut hole...and spaghetti & meatballs for dinner ~ Emma's request. Tuesday cupcakes at school, and on Saturday her Curious George party....yes oh yes the girl is celebrating ALL week.... Aunt Julia would be proud

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