Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Seriously they can't both be like me!!!!

We all know that Emma has my temperment...and I when I say temperment I mean temper. I mean really who are we trying to kid here? She can have a melt-down with the best of them! She can also be monkey around and when I speak to her she 'minds' and then giggles while I'm disciplining her....just like her mama.
So let me re-creat nap time for you ~ it's happening as I type. Sam goes to lay down. The whole way up I'm telling him he needs to lay down and be a good boy and sleep, blah, blah, blah. He's laughing the ENTIRE time of course. 25 minutes later I hear him having a PARTY in his bed. Yes that's right a party. I go up. He's uncovered, laughing, talking, giggling and just generally having a good time. I say "no" in a very firm voice. He puts his paci in and lays his head down. I tell him it's time for sleep as I cover him up. He keeps his head down and starts LAUGHING. Yes that's right LAUGHING. Guess he's not napping before we go to the dr's this afternoon....This is not going to be fun

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