Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nothing is safe any more

So back to the normal things of raising two children. Emma has taken solace in knowing that she can stash her most precious belongings up a tiny bit higher than Sam can sit so they are safely out of his grasp. This means her baby stroller, her chair, her shelf on the toy shelves, etc. In these items you find her cooking items, bitty baby, Milty, etc. All things she doesn't want him to touch. Well he's done it ~ he's figured out how to stand. He's been working on it for the past few days ~ but today was determined that he was going to stand up. He'd been trying ALL morning ~ but kept slipping and falling over backwards or forwards ~ and I'd find him hanging on to something yelling at me. And then I took those slippery pants off and he did it ~ and behold he was standing at Emma's baby stroller laughing and trying to get her Milty out. He was ALL smiles. Now if I could just teach him to hold on to whatever he's pulled himself up on. He doesn't ~ he turns and lets go. And falls. I fear a trip to the ER is in my future with the boy.

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