Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's working!

So for two weeks now we've been taking Sam to see Dr Gass at Osteopathic Healthcare of Maine. He's had 4 ear infections since September and we're trying this before the option of tubes in his ears. The little guy has been thru enough this year, and the thought of surgery is not something we're thrilled with. The difference in Sam is AMAZING. His face has cleared up SO well. And she can tell that he's getting lined up the way he should be. She described it this week as the 'volume being turned down'. Also after the first appointment is nose ran non-stop the next day for a few hours - I'm praying that's the stuff that was all up in his ears and couldn't drain. Here's a description of what she's doing and some things in babies/children that can be treated with this...
Next week should be his final treatment and then she just wants to check him 3 weeks later to make sure all is well. He is so relaxed when we're done he conks out and snoozes for's amazing. You can just see his whole body relax.

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Deanne said...

We're thrilled to hear that this gentle, non-invasive, drug free treatment worked. How cool is THAT?! :)