Thursday, November 30, 2006

My first post!

So our family website is in the process of being moved and will be eventually added to DH's business cards. Does everyone REALLY want to read all the blah blah about how the kids have grown, what they're doing, saying, etc? Probably not (even though I think it's all fascinating - but I'm slightly partial I guess). So a blog it is. I can be more "factual" there, and really opinionated here ;-)

~ So we're all moved into our temporary housing. Well for the most part anyway. There are a few things that we're realizing we need to bring here.... like our TV! Her's doesn't always work...which I can deal with - but E can NOT. She freaks out when curious george goes fuzzy on her. :-\
Hopefully this weekend we can put our tree up. Tonight I put our advent tree up - hopefully that'll help get me in the Christmas spirit.

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